maandag 29 september 2008


The theme for Thank God it's Friday is Lace....... Lace and me;o)
I often use lace in my work so I couldn't resist this challenge.

zondag 28 september 2008

Award - I love your Blog

Faye has honored me by giving me this "I love your blog" award.
I am so sorry, because there are so many Bloggers who inspire me,
I can not mention only 7. So for everyone that I regularly visit this award. They know who they are; o)

donderdag 25 september 2008


Doll 2, with wax for the first time.

vrijdag 19 september 2008

Petit Dolls

I can not paint of draw but here is an attempt for the workshop with Suzi Blu;o)

donderdag 11 september 2008

Time out.

A creative Block;o(
I look at my garden and want to be like my Cat's, what a life they have! I started with the on-line workshop from Suzi Blu,Les Petite Dolls, it's fun but difficult, I am not a drawer or painter.
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