donderdag 3 september 2009

Creative block

I have been a bit sick and my daughter has moved out the house and I cried so many tears, I've got to let go but that is not something I have got in my genes. I have an empty nest syndrome and I am going to spoile my son I am afraid. Perhaps he is going to live with me till he is 40 (LOL)
I am paralyzed in my creativity for a while now, I want to move on with other techniques but I don't know how yet.I miss working with my hands and colours.
I found this video, I think it's a good lesson why so much fear?
Do you recognize it, that you think you can not make something because you are afraid it is not good enough......;o(

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Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups zei

I don't know the empty nest feeling as my babes are still youngsters. But I do know the creative block feeling. I think my best technique is to do a little cleaning in my studio and see what jumps out at me yearning for a chance to be played with!
I will keep both you and your daughters in my thoughts and prayers and hope that your beautiful creative streak comes back soon!

*jean* zei

ooo i'm sorry that you are feeling sad...i think my son will live with me till he's 40 too!! i think that the video you posted is wonderful. she is very "wise" in her words...sometimes that works for me too....just painting backgrounds...on atc, postcards, in the's very relaxing to me and it gives me permission to be gentle to projects in whole, just a part....i also find that another kind of creative outlet helps, like cooking something special or arranging a big vase of flowers...maybe that would help...a big treat of your favorite flowers, lovingly arranged to soothe your soul...

best wishes, janny, you are missed here in blogland..

~*~Patty Szymkowicz zei

The video is beautiful and very inspiring and so are you Miss Janny! You and your artwork are very special. Your muse is just taking a rest. I think often we do not recognize how creative we are in other ways of our lives too!
I like to think that we never lose our children no matter how far away they are.....mothers and children are forever connected by the heart!
I *heart* your art and know it is worth waiting for! Take care!

Rosalie zei

Hey Janny, so sorry to read your sad feelings, i will think of you and send telepathic happiness to you, i hope it helps! huggie.

alcoholinky zei

aw, that must be horrid for you Janny. I think my son's going to be at home till he's 40 LOL. I liked that video link. I think we all get a dose of block from time to time. I just sit in front of my craft table and move bits of paper around sometimes without actually making anything and it slowly comes back. Don't stress about it.

Lori Saul zei

Your post is very moving- I too have an empty nest. But when my son left- new creativity was born in me and will be in you too- it takes a little while to find yourself again. Your artwork is so beautiful and expressive! Thank you for sharing this wonderful video piece as well. Take care!

Cathy zei

it is hard when our "babies" leave. but you do adjust; i promise!

Ozstuff zei

Janny, I really enjoyed the inspirational video. Thanks so much for sharing it with your friends.
As for the empty nest. I can tell you that when my first born child, a daughter, left home I was so devastated and depressed but after a while I accepted it and I still saw her frequently. It was easier when my second daughter moved out and easier still when my youngest, my son, "left home". In his case, leaving home was moving to the next suburb and coming home daily to empty my refrigerator of food and to leave his dirty clothes for me to wash! My daughters married, my son moved to England and he has been there for ten years. Now I am at another phase which is GRANDCHILDREN. Just when I thought I would be free and have all the time in the world, I am spending a lot of it babysitting my grandchildren. It makes me tired and sometimes I wish I had more time to myself but of course I know how blessed I am to have four little people who love me and my nest is no longer empty!! It is like starting life all over again.

Nancy Maxwell James zei

I wish that I could tell you it gets easier...mine have been out of the nest for several years...and my son is in the Army (was in Iraq for 13 months)...I guess as Mama's we always wish for when they were young and under our wings. HUGS to you!

Yitte zei

Prachtig Janny!!. Sterkte met alles.

Coreopsis zei

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I've suffered a real stoppage myself--and I don't like that. I took my son away to college last week, and I cried a ton. It's a twelve hour drive, and I miss him so much. Knowing that it's absolutely the right thing for him to be doing helps--I don't really wish him home again. I just have to get used to it.

I've really been enjoying my other son, but still it's hard.

I need to make art!!!

But I LOVE your pictures. I'm going to be spending some time looking through them all. They're lovely!

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