dinsdag 8 december 2009


Living with Fibromyalgia, I found this video on You tube
It's a beautiful way to make people understand................

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slommler zei

It is a wonderful video. Thank you for sharing it.

Marilyn Rock zei

Janny; thank you for sharing this video with us. The words really help me. I have a very close friend, who lives with Fibromyalgia and when she's not having a very good day, I know I cannot feel her pain and what she is thinking.

I am thinking, of you, and may you find comfort in your art expression and the people who admire you and it.

Love, Marilyn

Rosie zei

Thanks for sharing this Janny - I had no idea it was so bad... =(

Martine zei

Hallo Janny, wat leuk jou weer even te zien.
Een nadenkend filmpje heb je daar gezet.

Janny zei

Thank you Marylin. Yes I am happy yhat I can find comfort in being busy and express my self. One of the greatest problems is that you can do so much in your haed but your body has other ideas;o(

~*~Patty Szymkowicz zei

Very educational Janny, thank you for sharing.
I am so sorry you have to deal with this!
Wishing you sunshiny happy days my friend and more of your beautiful artwork!

Nancy Maxwell James zei

I wasn't aware you also have fibromyalgia...I have had it for 12 years since diagonosed. thank you for the video share...and know you have someone who "feels the pain" of what we go through on bad days!

Julia zei

Hello Janny,
Thanks for your comment re my journal pages!...
I love your sculptured faces, they are truly beautiful, I would love to be able to make faces three dimensionally...
I thank you for sharing the fybromyalgia youtube video...as my sister and I both have Fybromyalgia...I will share it too on my blog if you dont mind...xxx

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