woensdag 30 september 2009

“Zlightly Zetti”

At the Three Muses this week the theme is “Zlightly Zetti”.
I love the Zetti style;o)I used collage material from Teesha en Nancy and Suzie and a magazine.
Acrylic paint and crayons. And I love the quote!

woensdag 23 september 2009


Long time ago.........
Here is my entry for Mixed Media Monday, the theme is Metal/Metallics, it's in the lace and the little christmas bal's. I used the images from nancy's collagesheet nr 53 and it was fun for me to play for also;o)

vrijdag 4 september 2009


It a little but late but this is my entry for Mixed Media Monday, stitches. I used the images from Nancy, Crow About week 50!

donderdag 3 september 2009

Creative block

I have been a bit sick and my daughter has moved out the house and I cried so many tears, I've got to let go but that is not something I have got in my genes. I have an empty nest syndrome and I am going to spoile my son I am afraid. Perhaps he is going to live with me till he is 40 (LOL)
I am paralyzed in my creativity for a while now, I want to move on with other techniques but I don't know how yet.I miss working with my hands and colours.
I found this video, I think it's a good lesson why so much fear?
Do you recognize it, that you think you can not make something because you are afraid it is not good enough......;o(
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