donderdag 4 februari 2010

What was he thinking and Birds of a Feather.

I combined 2 challenges, Mixed Media Monday and The Three Muses. I used images from collagesheet nr 64 from Nancy and a bit of Teesha and this fabulous Guy is from a book I found on the flea market.

34 opmerkingen:

alcoholinky zei

ROFL - that's bonkers and I love it!

slommler zei

That is hysterical!! Love the colors and patterns

Lori Saul zei

Whoa Janny - this is so perfect in all its beautiful wackiness- I love it- so creative!!

Diane zei

Well, look at him :D --I love it!!

Sandy zei

Hi Janny,
This is funny and made me smile.
Fantastic creation.

Sija zei

Hij is echt gaaf Janny!

DymphieM zei

geen idee wat hij dacht, maar hij moet er vreselijk veel plezier mee hebben gehad, net als jij trouwens en nu wij allemaal :) super!

landileroux zei

This is gorgeous, funny and very creative. Well done!

Yvonne zei

lol, fabulous collage. She forgot to shave :)

Martina2801 zei

Funny interpretation of the theme! Splendid work.

Ozstuff zei

Janny, I can't stop laughing. Your collage is wonderful - great art and also very funny. I love the bearded lady!!

Faye zei

So funny, Janny. Love all the colors.

Rhonda zei

So funny!! Great creation Janny - cheers!

Betzie zei

Very very funny and cute!

Lucy zei

hahahah!!Too funny and very creative, I love it!

Yitte zei

Geweldig vind ik hem!!

Eila A zei

Wow, great piece - I love your sense of humour and your surreal touch!

johanna zei

hilarious!!!! you gave me a big laugh, thank you!

Judy zei

Fun collage, Janny, lots of colour & detail - love it! zei

Hilarisch, wat 'n geweldige creatie Janny.
Moest hier echt om (glim)lachen!!!
Heel creatief.

Marilyn Rock zei

This is wonderful; whimsical and so alive!

indybev zei

Mercy goodness! Mixed Media Monday and Three Muses using Crowabout collage elements. You killed three birds with one stone, Janny, and gave us all a huge smile as well. Good work!

Diane zei

Janny, this is hilarious! Thanks for the giggle - and i'm not sure I really want to know what he was thinking! Diane

Jackie zei

Fantastic! Thanks for making me smile first thing in the morning!

Marina Huisman zei

Het is iedere keer weer genieten van je werk Janny.
Super gedaan.

wyanne zei

He is too funny! Thanks for the laugh and the fabulous work!

Kristin zei

The best! I lOVE him! Such style . . . Kristin :)

Kristin zei

One more: Kendra (my 4 year old) loves it! She said, "you dress a boy with girl clothes? AND chicken feet?! That's Crazy!" Kristin (and Kendra) xo

Catherine zei

Love this - so funny! I wonder what that bird is thinking of that man's yellow bird legs and green outfit? Thanks for the laughs; very funny and well done. Love the artwork and images!

Diane zei

This is fabulous, Janny. So funny. Love the sense of humor you've added! Hugs, Diane

Hanne zei

This is fantastic and fun!

Luisa Migon zei

Soooo funny!!! Fantastic!!!

froebelsternchen Susi zei

great! absolutely great!
xxx Susi

Fun with ATC´s - Candy now!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz zei

oh my dear Janny!
You tickled my funny bone with this creation! Fabulous and so creative!

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