woensdag 14 maart 2012


This is Thecla (1917-2005) She was a danser at the Dutch Opera. I painted her with acrylic paint..

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Femmy zei

dit is echt geweldig Janny!

Sugar Lump Studios zei

she is beautiful Janny! you are very talented!

Hermine zei


Anneke zei

wow janny, heb jij dit geschilderd?
geweldig zeg, wat kanp en ik vind de kleuren ook prachtig.
ook de texture en alles.
dit heb ik niet in mijn vingertjes hoor!
fijn weekend en liefs!

Holly Loves Art zei

Hello Janny!
Thanks so much for dropping by my blog for a visit. Your painting is so beautiful and I love your piece below too. I hope you're having a month of March.

Gaby Bee zei

You never cease to amaze me! Your painting is gorgeous, Janny!!!

Have a lovely Sunday!
Gaby xo

Molly zei

Mooi Gemaakt Janny!

Linda zei

Wow Janny...you have captured such character in that face.
Great work!

*jean* zei

very nice, janny! so happy to see you are painting again!

priti.lisa zei

A beautiful painting, Janny! And I loved the slide show♥♥♥

~*~Patty S zei

WOW Janny...very powerful painting!
You inspire me!

Ozstuff zei

Hello Janny!! It's so good to see your name on the blogs! I have visited your blog and enjoyed the superb slide show and other paintings. We have missed your art and hope you can return on a regular basis soon. I hope life has become easier for you.

Marilyn Rock zei

This painting just blows me away! It's so moving and beautiful.

Thank you for your supportive words you left on my Blog. xxoo

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